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JFBS 9th Annual Conference 2019 

"CSR/Sustainability in Management Education "

■Date: September 5th - 6th, 2019 
■Venue: 4F, No.14 Building, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

■Cooperated by: B Corp Asia

■Theme: CSR/Sustainability in Management Education
The emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility as a key area of study can be seen as one example whereby the educational setting has helped to promote both researchers and practitioners with new mindset. Sustainability can be seen as a ‘provocation’ to traditional management education, which arguably has been limited in its capacity to address complex global social issues, despite such issues being increasingly important and visible in the business world. The potential of Sustainability is that it offers a mode of critique and renewal, suggestive of a new vision for management education that takes business schools beyond ‘management training’ and opens up broader social discourse. Thus, it is not so much that within the curriculum ethics, responsibility and sustainability must represent a defined set of learning elements within a syllabus, but that together can provide a more holistic approach to contemporary complex issues and debates. The rise in interest in sustainability can in part be pegged to growing calls for universities and business schools to educate more socially responsible and ethically aware graduates. AACSB requires business schools to demonstrate a commitment to address, engage, and response to current CSR issues through their policies, curriculum and researches. However this is less understood in Japanese universities and business schools. In a globalized ear the teaching of business ethics, CSR and sustainability in business schools has come to be a dedicated response to both local and global concerns and the rise of significant new agendas in collaboration with companies, international initiatives.

In looking across disciplines and in being attuned to both historical and contemporary debates and practices, the JFBS Annual Conference 2019 we will critically explore issues around CSR/Sustainability Management Education, covering the following topics (but not limited to):
- Adaptation and implementation of CSR and Sustainability in management
  education and corporate training program;
- Mapping and matching Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in teaching
  and training;
- Challenges in embedding CSR/Sustainability into management and its values;  
- Examination of barriers and challenges in curriculum development and
- The role of external bodies (e.g., NGOs, Int’l Initiatives, AACSB, UN Global
  Compact, PRME) and collaboration with them in promoting CSR/Sustainability
  Management Education;
General topics on Business and Society are also welcome!


*For the detailed program, please see →  

Call for Paper (Research/Case Study) 

Please submit a A4 one page proposal for a single paper and add three keywords (either in English or Japanese) to


Deadline for Submission
Extended to→
May 31, 2019

June 17, 2019
・An A4-size sheet (approximately 800 words) proposal with the theme and 3 keywords
・Please send the proposal to
Result Notification
Extended to→
June 30, 2019

Beginning of July, 2019

Program Committee 

・Fukukawa, Kyoko (Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
・Schmidpeter, René (Professor, Cologne Business School, Germany)
・Tanimoto, Kanji (Professor, Waseda University, Japan)

Doctoral Workshop

■Date: September 4th, 2019 → September 5th, 2019
■Venue: Waseda Campus, Waseda University
■Theme: Any themes related to Business and Society are welcome
■Technical Committee:

・Fröhlich, Elisabeth (Professor, Cologne Business School, Germany)
・Fukukawa, Kyoko (Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
・Schmidpeter, René (Professor, Cologne Business School, Germany)
・Tanimoto, Kanji (Professor, Waseda University, Japan)
For details.


The "Early Bird" discounts apply in case both submission of application form and payment of participation fee are completed by August 12, 2019 (Japan Time.)

We offer students (non-presenters) to attend the doctoral workshop as guests (seats are limited.) For those who have registered for the conference and would like to attend the workshop, please register in advance at

JFBS Members/ Non-members
Participation Fee
(Early Bird)

Participation Fee
JFBS Member      9,000 yen      11,000 yen
JFBS Member (Student)      6,500 yen       8,000 yen
Non-Member      13,000 yen      15,000 yen
Non-Member (Student)      8,000 yen      10,000 yen
Reception on Sep. 5      3,000 yen       3,500 yen
Conference Presenter           9,000 yen (until July 20)
Doctoral Student Presenter           6,500 yen (until July 20)
【Please note】
* The registration for the conference will be completed after we confirm both your payment of the participation fee and submission of your registration form.
* For payment, please choose either a bank transfer or a credit card.
* Registered participants of the conference will receive a password to download presentation resumes (The User ID and password is to be valid for 2 months from September 1 to October 31, 2019). JFBS will not provide proceedings in order to save papers.
* Free lunch on September 6, and farewell drinks are provided for the participants. We hope you will make good use of this opportunity to enrich your network.


Tokyo is a very large and attractive city and benefits from plentiful accommodation. See the following website for more information.
- Japan National Tourism Organization
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The 9th Conf.

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