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JFBS 6th Annual Conference 2016 

"Marketing and Social Change"

■Date: September 8th - 9th, 2016 
■Venue: 5F, No. 11 Building, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
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■Theme: Marketing and Social Change
Recently a variety of social problems have been piling up in local communities and the international society, and it is difficult for either government alone or business alone to solve those problems. Even developed nations including Japan face lots of problems such as a declining birth rate and a growing proportion of elderly people especially in urban areas, widening gap in income, concentration of the population, and an issue of children waiting to enter nursery schools, on the other hand, in rural areas, a declining population and economy. To solve these problems across nations, entrepreneurs start social businesses and also existing companies are becoming aware of social businesses to tackle problems and create new values as one of corporate strategies.

Not only social enterprises but big businesses as well as small and medium-sized companies come to understand the importance of business activities tackling social problems and leading to social change from their standpoints of social responsibility. However, in terms of both practical aspects and research aspects, the discussions are not enough for development of social businesses, social products, understanding on consumers’ consciousness and behaviors and creating a new market called ‘Green Market’.

‘Social Marketing’ is to achieve social and economic performances by applying marketing thinking and methods to solve social problems and lead to social change. According to previous studies, various organizations including companies, NPO/NGOs and governmental organizations can adopt social marketing. In fact, the number of such organizations is limited in Japan and other nations, which tackle social problems based on the ideas of social marketing.

In the JFBS conference 2016, we hope to focus on a research topic “Marketing and Social Change,” and to discuss solutions of social problems in relationship with organizations, products, services and consumers from the various aspects. Here are some topics related to the theme (but not limited to):  

    Social Marketing, Cause-Related Marketing, Marketing by NPO/NGOs,
    Marketing by Governmental Organizations, Social Products, Local Branding,
    Social/Green/Ethical Consumers, Sustainable Management,

General topics on business and society are also welcome!



For the detailed program, please see HERE.

Program Committee 

・Eweje, Gabriel (Associate Professor, Massey University, New Zealand)
・Fukukawa, Kyoko(Senior Lecturer, Bradford University, UK)
・Imazu, Hidenori(General Manager, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Japan)
・Ohira, Shuji (Associate Professor, Chiba University of Commerce, Japan)
・Schmidpeter, René (Professor, Cologne Business School, Germany)
・Tanimoto, Kanji (Professor, Waseda University, Japan)

Call for Paper (Research/Case Study) 

Please submit a A4 one page proposal for a single paper and add three keywords (either in English or Japanese) to


Deadline for Submission
Extended to→
May 31, 2016

June 20, 2016
・An A4-size sheet (approximately 600 words) proposal with the theme and 3 keywords
・Please send the proposal to
Result Notification
Extended to→
June 30, 2016

July 10, 2016

Doctoral Workshop

■Date: September 7th, 2016
■Venue: Waseda Campus, Waseda University
■Theme: Any themes related to Business and Society are welcome
For details


The "Early Bird" discounts applies in case both your application form and your payment of fee are completed by July 31, 2016 (Japan Time.)

We offer students (non-presenters) to attend the doctoral workshop as guests
(seats are limited.) For those who have registered for the conference and would like to attend the workshop, please register in advance at

JFBS Members/ Non-members
Participation Fee
(Early Bird)

Participation Fee
JFBS Member      9,000 yen      11,000 yen
JFBS Member (Student)      6,500 yen       8,000 yen
Non-Member      13,000 yen      15,000 yen
Non-Member (Student)      8,000 yen      10,000 yen
Reception on Sep. 8      3,000 yen       4,000 yen
Conference Presenter               9,000 yen (until July 21)
Doctoral Student Presenter               6,500 yen (until July 21)
【Please note】
* The registration for the conference will be completed after we confirm your payment of the participation fee with the registration form.
* For payment, please choose either a bank transfer or a credit card.
* Registered participants of the conference will receive a password to download presentation resumes on around September 1, 2016. (The User ID and password is to be valid for 2 months from September 1 to October 31, 2016.). JFBS will not provide proceedings in order to save papers.
* Free beverage, free snacks (lunch) on September 9, and farewell drinks are provided for the participants. We hope you will make good use of this opportunity to enrich your network.


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Doctoral Workshop
The 6th Conf.

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