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JFBS 11th Annual Conference 2022 

" Digital Transformation (DX) : Social Value Creation, Sustainability, and The Role of Digital Technologies "

■Date: September 1st - 2nd, 2022  
■Venue: Raiosha, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, Japan →Access
and Online (Zoom)

■Theme: Digital Transformation (DX) : Social Value Creation, Sustainability, and The Role of Digital Technologies

* with Simultaneous Interpretation

The digital transformation (DX) is one of the major trends in society today. Regardless of whether you are in a private, public, or not-for-profit sector, DX is on top of the agenda of their management teams. With the rapid progress of IoT, AI, data analytics and telecom technologies, the thrust of IT revolution since the turn of this century is now gaining momentum even further. And the pandemic of COVID-19 reemphasizes the critical role of IT in estimating and controlling the pandemic. After all, business and society are urged to manage and execute these transformations in a sustainable way.

 On the contrary to the importance of digital technologies, there also exists some institutional resistance, conscious or unconscious, against its rapid penetration into our real life influenced by profound changes in the ordinary way of work and traditional social structures and orders. For example, under Covid-19, some critics claimed that the excessive use of online teaching in universities is socially unacceptable. Despite such an embedded conflict between digital technologies and human societies, we recognize the positive value of these advanced technologies outweigh their downside when solving difficulties and inconveniences in society and pursuing well-being of the whole planet in a sustainable fashion.

 The aim of this year’s Annual Meeting is for scholars and businesspersons from around the world to better understand the positive and negative impact of digital technologies on society and to examine how those technologies contribute to the sustainable development of business and society and strategies for creation of social value.

Examples of research topics include but not limited to:

1. The role of ICT and network in waste disposal, recycle and upcycle
2. Case studies in medical/health, agriculture, workplace, biodiversity conservation, security, recycle system, and sustainable tourism
3. Cashless system and the role of social capital: the impact of trust on the diffusion of fintech-based services
4. DX and the future of work: promotion of QWL and well-being, and solutions of possible downside of digital technologies including job loss, income gap caused by IT illiteracy, and others
5. CSR procurement system by utilizing block chain technologies
6. AI singularity and the value judgement system in society: who will be responsible?

General topics on Business and Society are also welcome!

Call for Papers (Research/Case Study) 

Please submit a A4 one page proposal for a single paper and add three keywords (either in English or Japanese) to


Deadline for Submission
June 15, 2022 ・An A4-size sheet (approximately 800 words) proposal with the theme and 3 keywords
・Please send the proposal to
Result Notification
Beginning of July, 2022  

Program Committee 

・Masahiro Okada (Professor, Keio University, Japan)
・Kanji Tanimoto (Professor, Waseda University, Japan)

Doctoral Workshop

■Date: September 1st - 2nd, 2022
■Venue: Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, Japan and Online (Zoom)
■Theme: Any themes related to Business and Society are welcome
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