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JFBS 2nd Annual Conference 2012  

■Date: September 20- 21, 2012
■Venue: 5th Floor, No.11 Building, Waseda Campus, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan Access

■Theme: Sustainable Development and Innovation
■the Prospectus of the Conference:
The importance of innovation is now increasing to enhance sustainable development of economy, environment and society.  Innovation is critical issue not only as technical innovation for the development of new technology and new material, but as social innovation for the (re)construction of a new social system and institution.
Arguments on innovation cover broad context: promotion/support policy by government, industrial policy, management strategy in individual organization, collaboration among various entities such as businesses and NPOs. Creation of innovation has gone through a transition from “closed innovation” to “open innovation”, “globalization of innovation” and “flatness of innovation”. The relationship with stakeholders is now key issue in creation of innovation.
It is essential for business sector to examine how they embed issues for sustainable development into new business models and/or technology, how they produce environmental/social performance by green innovation and social innovation and lead to social change, and how the innovation is led to their competitiveness.
We need to argue innovation theoretically and practically from various perspectives for sustainable development, which is the important mission for JFBS.
Therefore, the theme of the 2nd JFBS Annual Conference is set as “Sustainable Development and Innovation” and we examine and discuss challenges and possibilities innovation at Keynote Speech and other sessions. Following themes are expected for parallel sessions:
・Sustainable Development and Technology
・Green ICT
・Green Innovation
・Social Innovation
・Innovation and Competitiveness
・Sustainable Development and Financial Innovation
・Community Re-development and Innovation
・Innovation and Community System
・Innovation Policy
・Innovation of Policy Development

We welcome various related themes and even themes which are not related to the main theme of the annual conference.  We expect your interaction between speakers/panelists and attendances during the conference, and hope your active participation in discussion.

Call for Paper (Research/Case Study) 

【Important Deadlines】


Submission of Proposal Paper February 29, 2012
→extended to March 20, 2012
Peer Review and Notification to Authors Beginning of April in 2012
Submission of Conference Paper of
Research Paper/Case Study
July 31, 2012
JFBS Annual Conference in 2012 September 20-21, 2012
Submission of Full paper of Research Paper/Case Study December 21, 2012
Peer Review and Notification to Authors The end of January, 2013
Publication of Annual Review (Book) The end of August, 2013
■Submission of Proposal Paper
All those wishing to present their research/case study at the annual conference must submit proposal paper in English/Japanese by e-mail by March 20, Tuesday 2012. 

・Theme of research/case study
  ①Theme related to “Sustainable Development and Innovation”
  ②Free Theme
・The proposal paper must be Word File (approximately 500 words in English or
 1,200 characters in Japanese, A4 size). 
・After peer review, the result will be notified to authors in beginning of
 April, 2012.

■Submission of the Conference Paper/Case Study
Those who are accepted by the program committee must submit conference paper/case study by e-mail by July 31, Tuesday, 2012. The conference paper author guidelines that explains requirements in detail is here.
Followings are the brief extract.
※The conference papers/presentations are to be uploaded to the website so that participants can download with ID and Password.
  ①Conference Paper
   The Paper must not exceed 2,600 words in length or 6,000 characters
   in Japanese, including figures and references.
  ②Case Study
   Power Point File (Approximately 10 sheets)
   Please use following stracture example not to be just introduction:
   1.the project title, the name of project team and its leader, the organization
     name and area of the case study, and the study period etc
   2.information of the organization, product/service and the area including
     the case
   3.statement of improvement (definition, investigation, reason,
     decision-making, project management etc.)
   4.statement of approach/plan and implementation
   5.evaluation and statement of results

Please note that we cannot accept PDF files.

■Submission of Full paper/Case Study
Those who wishing to get papers published in the JFBS Annual Review (Book) must submit full paper by e-mail by December 21, Friday, 2012.
  ①Research Paper
   The paper must not exceed 7,000 words in length or 16,000 characters
   in Japanese, including figures and references.
  ②Case Study
   The Paper must not exceed 2,700 words in legth or 6,000 characters
   in Japanese, including figures and references.

Papers can be produced in Microsoft Word. It must not be submitted in PDF format.
Before submitting your paper, please ensure that it has been carefully read for typographical and grammatical errors.

・After peer review, the result will be notified to Authors by the end of
January 2013. 
・The Annual Review will be published in the end of August 2013.


Please visit here.


①Please fill out the form.
②Please pay the following registaration fee by bank taransfer.
③You will receive a receipt of the registration fee, the user ID and password
to access resumes/powerpoints by speakers.
(To save papers, the proceedings of the annual conference will NOT provided.
Please download resumes/powerpoints beforehand.)

■Registration Fee: 
①For Conference
【JFBS member】 8,000 yen (6,000 yen for student member)
*Conference Fee for JFBS member was discounted from \8,400 to \8,000.
【Non-Member】 12,000 yen (8,000 yen for student)
②For reception   3,000 yen
(Participation in reception only is not admitted as a general rule)

■Bank Account for money transfer:
Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch name: Kunitachi Branch
Account No: 7966647

■Benefits: ・You can participate in all the sessions.
・You can access to resumes/powerpoints by speakers.
(The User ID and possword is to be valid for 2 months from August 31 to October 31, 2012.)
・You can have free internet access in the venue during the annaul conference.
(to be confirmed)
・You can have lunch for free on the 2nd day of the conference.
・You can participate in the reception party held at the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo
with the discounted fee as above.

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●2012 Annual Conference photos
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The Conference Paper Author Guidelines (PDF)